Fulfillempire General Dropshipping Return & Refund Policy

We appreciate your business!

Fulfillempire is a subsidiary of Shengle international group HK limited and was established in the year 2007.

We accept refund in following simple terms; For any shipping related issues clients must inform us within 7 days after receiving the product for traceable shipment or within 40 days in case shipment is untraceable else void

In case of any dispute please follow the instructions stated on this policy page to escalate with our customer service.

Please note: refunds will be credited to respective eWallets as store credit (subject to available for future use/orders).

By applying for a refund or a reshipment, you read and accept the Drop shipping Return and Reship / International Commercial Terms and policy completely.

Circumstantially different issues can occur during the drop shipping process, please find in following article how to proceed in each situation:
  • DOA (dead on arrival) Defective products
  • At Fulfillempire we always take extra care on product and its packaging to ensure the products received by customers are in their best conditions. To some extent, due to mishandling during the transportation you may receive damaged product or may experience quality problem. What to do? Please contact our customer service within 7 days from receipt date for appropriate solution (replacement or refund)
  • Defective product on arrival
  • We always take care of proper packaging to ensure the products shipped are in their best conditions, however, damage still can happen during the transportation. So, if the product arrived damaged or defective, please contact our customer service within 7 days from the delivery of the product,we will reship or rfund.
  • Incorrect product on arrival
  • If the wrong product delivered ( refer i.e. different then ordered product, wrong color, wrong size, wrong model etc.) Please contact our customer service within 7 days from receipt date for appropriate solution (replacement or refund).
    Please note: Slightly differences (due to different production batches) on printing / compering to previous purchase or photos display on our APP or website may be experienced. However if the physical product and the functions of the product is remain same, this doesn’t comes under category of “incorrect product” and therefore will not been covered by our return/refund/reshipment policy.
  • Unsatisfactory product
  • FulFillempire’s Dropshipping Return and Refund Policy can only be applied to errors or malfunctions related to the product’s functions or miss match specifications. No refund or reship request will be accepted if the customer does not like the product received by personal affairs.
  • shipment never received
  • In unlikely situation some time shipment may be interrupted by many reasons, by respective carriers or the shipping methods used for dropshipping, such as special line, ePacket, wrong consignee address or untraceable mail are opted as cheaper shipping method. FulFillempire will try best to recover the shipment however cannot guarantee an 100% outcome. 
    In case customer claimed package not delivered but an traceable carrier website shows package delivered is considered an authentic information of successful “delivery”, and will not be eligible for a refund.

    In case of delays caused by emergencies like national disasters, war or any other which FulFillempire do not have hold on, business will be considered final and our customer service attention will not be required.
  • Incomplete or incorrect shipping data: An complete shipping address shall content; consignee name full, city name, province/state, zip code, country name, and an valid phone/mobile number
  • If the parcel arrives to the nearest shipping agent office after several unsuccessful delivery attempt, customers are liable to pick up the parcel themself and if customer fails to pick up the parcel withing specific period will result the parcel to returned back to shipper or carrier’s local warehouse.
  • Parcels shipped with registered post mail
  • Parcels shipped to the following countries: Mexico, Brazil
  • Return and reship requests can be sent to FulFillempire within 60 consecutive days, starts from date of shipment.
  • Free reship or refund for “never arrived” items can be only applied once per order. For example if the customer claimed that a product never arrived and meets the above terms and conditions, FulFillempire will reship the item. If second time even claimed “never arrived”, We will not reshipped the item again.

    Parcels to Denmark, Norway, Sweden. The telephone number is compulsory by Denmark post office, Norway post office and sweden post office. If buyer failed to provide telephone number, we do not pay parcel.

    Parcels to Filand, the email address is compulsory by Filand post office.If buyer failed to provide email address, we do not pay parcel.

    FulFillempire reserves right to update, change or replace any section of this Dropshipping Return and Refund Policy by posting updates and/or changes on our website. We do encourage our customers to visit this page periodically. Customer’s continue to use or access to this website are subject to accept and abide by any changes made in future and terms and conditions stated here:
    At FulFillempire we always take an extra steps to provide pleasant business service experience.