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Fulfillempire was founded by Shengle international group HK limited in the 2007 owned by Eileen.Liu and David.Zhou. We provide dropshipping and sourcing service.

We accept refund in following simple terms; For any shipping related issues clients must inform us within 7 days after receiving the product for traceable shipment or within 40 days in case shipment is untraceable else void



Software advantage


We develop the own ERP system

● You can register and connect or disconnect the system with your store. Or you can invite our customer service to add system as staff account.

● Order fulfill, cancel, change, tracking number submit etc, sync through the system

● Once package arrive to buyer nearby post office, email sent to buyer to remind them to pickup. Tracking reminder making sure 99.99% success delivery rate

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Shipping method advantage


● If a product is diametrically opposed in regard to size, weight and refused by other shipping company. Reach to us.

● If a product is sensitive and refused by other shipping company. Reach to us.

● If other shipping company refuse to ship to an specific country. Reach to us.

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Shipping Time Advantages

●10-15 days standard shipping. Price is better than  epacket. Speed is faster.

●30 days sea shipping . Cheap, slow. Good for big item,  heavy item. Save a lot.

●5-8 days fast shipping . Fast, the shipping price 0.3-2$ higher than standard shipping method

●5-8 days fast shipping semi tracking. Price is 1.5$  better than stand shipping. It is good method for small and cheap product.Disadvantage is tracking only semi.

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Package advantage

Package Advantage

● Traditional plastic bag package. We use new material.  Non recycled plastic. It is not bad to health.

● Bubble envelope. Simple protect the product from  broken.

● Air bag package. Good to ship fraigle, easy broken, glass product etc. 

● Vacuum package. Push the air with Vacuum machine. Make big size product into small size. Good for shipping  plush toy, cat bed, and other big size product. Price advantage:

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Price Advantage

● We buy product from china local alibaba, and product is 10-20% cheaper than aliexpress. Aliexpress seller need pay 5% for each transaction fee to Jack Ma. And they also need pay 20 000$ Annually to list the product in the aliexpress platform. Also, if they need promotion, 20 000-100 000$ more needed. Our marketing fee is 0$.

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Package advantage

Product Confidential

● We do not sell product/s.
● We do not list product/s.
● We do not recommend product/s.
● No Chinese language on the parcel.
● No suppliers contact information inside the parcel.
● Your purchase is 100% confidential.

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Global fulfillment & logistics transportation services via sea, land, and air. We provide Sourcing from China and Dropshipping services for Shopify, eBay, Amazon and more。